As an Author Diana Birch has contributed to academic and technical publications as well as books of general interest and fiction. The body of her work is written in a manner accessible to the general public and her books are read by parents, teachers and young people as well as the professional audience.

writing also includes numerous magazine and journal articles.

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 'Asylum Seeking Children; Including Adolescent Development and the Assessment of Age'  -

Mini Biography - born in London -her Italian mother was ‘liberated’ in world war II by her English father who inspired her medico-legal work by virtue of his role as ‘The Solicitor’ at Scotland Yard and the founder of FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft). Bilingual roots have ensured an international flavour to her work with periods in Italy, Russia, Jamaica, USA and other states. Trained at the Royal Free & St George’s, interest in youth arose on starting advice clinics for schools. The absence of specific training in UK in Adolescent health motivated a ‘personal’ programme progressing via paediatrics to sexuality, psychotherapy and psychodrama. Dissatisfied with statutory services she founded Youth Support and works solely for the charity setting up residential and community assessment and therapeutic programmes. Aspects are court work, child protection, family assessment. Wide experience of family disorder alcohol and substance abuse and research in teen pregnancy for which she was awarded a Doctorate and a Master of Science at London University. She holds Fellowships of the Royal College of Physicians, the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine (USA). Author of several books “Are you my sister, Mummy?” on school age pregnancy; “The child that rocks the cradle” long term results; “Bonds and boundaries”- child protection in the family; “Inner Worlds” on emotional issues. Interests include drama and animal therapies. Youth Support branched into a mini farm, pet shop and Cyber-café to provide varied opportunities for deprived youth. Animals play a major part in her life she is never without a Great Dane having bred dogs for many years, also plays at music and Judo and involves young people in vocational work and video production. She has an actress daughter and a musician son.


o  "Are you my sister, Mummy?" Study of schoolage pregnancy - 1987 ISBN 1 870717 007.

o   "Are you my sister, Mummy?  Second edition published September 1992

o   "Are you my sister, Mummy?  Russian language edition 1992

o    "Schoolgirl Pregnancy". chapter in "Progress in Obstetrics and Gynaecology - vol. 7" Jan 1989 (Series editor John Studd).

o   "Retracing the Echoes" The story of some special children growing up in the wake of the Russian Revolution and the emotional problems of growing up echoed in our 'inner child'. ISBN 870717015 1991.

o   "Mother or Child?" Tape slide teaching presentation on schoolgirl pregnancy distributed by Grave's medical teaching library 1987.

o    "T.I.P.s - Teacher Information packs" medical contribution (editor Ron Dawson) for Macmillan Education. Designed to inform teachers of problems experienced by children with special needs following 1981 education act. 1985 Macmillan press.

o    Series of monographs published by Youth Support on sexuality and emotional issues in adolescence - many resulting from workshops.

o    "Inner worlds and outer challenges" - psychotherapy issues, responses to violence and abuse 1993 ISBN 870717 03 1 -

o    "Inner Worlds"    Second Edition published as "Inner Worlds" 1996

o    "Bonds and Boundaries" - child protection and the family. ISBN 1 870717 058 - 1994

o    "The Child that Rocks the Cradle"   - fifteen year follow up of school girl pregnancy - 1996  ISBN 1 870717 082

o    "A thought for Today" Daily readings used in therapy - Youth Support Publications - 1996.

o    'Youth Our Resource for the future' - proceedings of International conference on adolescent health and welfare Royal College of Physicians 1996

o    'Profiles'  evaluation of cases and outcome regarding families and patients at YSH ISBN 1870717 10 4 November 1998

o    Conserving Our Resource for the future - proceedings of International conference on adolescent health and welfare Royal College of Physicians 1998

o    'Malfaiera' Fiction title  - 1999

o    Traumatic Stress - Gioventu` Duemila – Youth 2000  - Youth Support Publications ISBN : 1 870717 19 8

o    Lo Stress Traumatico - Gioventu` Duemila. Youth Support Publications ISBN : 1 870717 20 1

'Asylum Seeking Children; Including Adolescent Development and the Assessment of Age'

In preparation – ‘Prevention series – books and interactive on-line workshops – self concepts, obesity and diet, substance abuse, suicide prevention, pregnancy, violence and bullying.