Curriculum Vitae 

Diana Maria Laura BIRCH

 Brief Curriculum Vitae – Qualifications - Diana Maria Laura BIRCH

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     Professional Appointments –

Medical Director Youth Support – International NGO established in 1986 (UK charity Reg 296080)

Including our International Branches

Director and Trustee YSUSA (International Youth Service and Research Group) working in conjunction with Childrens Hospital Los Angeles Division of Adolescent Medicine. (EIN:  33-0768508)

Hold full Licence to Practise (GMC) and have undergone successful revalidation in May 2016 with annual appraisal as required by the GMC.


Experience –  widely experienced medical and public health professional highly qualified in several fields.  

     As medical director of Youth Support responsible for planning, developing and executing clinical services both in the UK and overseas.  In this context set up services for addiction and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation; units for traumatised children and families; public health and vocational centres; and safe centres for street children and runaways. Work has been based in the UK; Italy; Russia; Jamaica and the USA. Currently we are planning maternity, childcare, addiction and community services in Afghanistan.

     Experience encompasses –

·  Paediatric, adolescent, family, public health on international basis at senior consultant level. Working with deprived groups across varied cultures including refugee youth.

·  Refugees and Asylum Seekers – have conducted studies of children and youth in war zones including Afghanistan and regularly perform medical assessments for young refugees including torture and risk assessments.  Lectured re Age Assessment to the IGC  (Intergovernmental Consultations on Migration, Asylum and Refugees) in Geneva 2011 and provided teaching materials to the Age Determination Team, NATO - Department of Immigration and Citizenship Australia 2013.

·  Psychological, psychotherapeutic, mental health work with individuals and families - have worked with addicted and psychopathic personalities and a variety of disorders such as borderline personalities, learning disabilities and with children in situations of physical, emotional and sexual abuse.    Dual qualifications in paediatrics and mental health give me a unique perspective of the dynamics of disordered families and this has been invaluable in the assessment of families where fabricated or induced illness has been suspected.  My involvement with cases of FII (Previously known as Munchausen) has included several families and young parents who were admitted for observation to our residential unit in South London  (1990 – 2002) where we cared for ‘high risk’ cases sent from all over the UK and many families assessed in the community.  Our methods in the residential unit included video surveillance in some cases.

Psychotherapy on group, individual, family and couples basis.

·  Research - am a leading authority on adolescent health and early pregnancy and parenting and have conducted Longitudinal studies of our patient groups over a twenty year time span and have worked on the British Cohort studies (London University) and Millennium Cohort (Institute of Child Health). We have also conducted studies on traumatic stress in Italy and field studies with children and young people in Afghanistan.

·  Assessment & Medico-legal work As a leading authority on Child Protection, Adolescence, teenage pregnancy and early parenting am often called upon to prepare legal reports for the courts on young people and families particularly in child protection, family disturbance, substance abuse and domestic violence as well as Factitious Illness syndromes and family conflicts, custody and contact issues and child alienation.  Assessment and medico legal work has been formally evaluated in published work. In addition to referrals from solicitors,  work often involves single joint expert for Guardians and Social services – examples - Croydon social services (2011); Kent Social services (2012; 2013) and Medway (2012; 2013); Chelsea and Westminster (2013; 2014); Hertfordshire (2014); Wakefield (2016); Cheshire 2016; Northampton 2016 ; Yeovil (2016); I have also acted as expert to the General Medical Council (2012)


·  Teaching – wide experience of teaching both professional (medical, teachers, social work and police) and general audiences and youth - lecturing, seminars, workshops, literature and books, online and interactive material and multimedia presentations. Have taught courses both in UK and Internationally and have given ‘Grand Rounds’ at los Angeles Children’s hospital on several occasions. 

·  Management / Administration – managed large department of NHS child health and school services in several London boroughs (Wandsworth, Merton Sutton, Lambeth and Southwark). 26 years experience of running an International NGO.

·  Media, IT and Computing – fully qualified Microsoft and Internet engineer. Experience of multimedia and documentary production.


     Medical School

Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine, University of London

     Medical School Prize Certificates

o   Paediatrics

o   Tropical Medicine

o Venereal Diseases (Now known as Sexually Transmitted Diseases)

   Qualifications - Degrees

o   LRCP MRCS (Licentiate Royal College of Physicians; Member Royal College of Surgeons) June 1970

o   MBBS (Bachelor Medicine Bachelor Surgery) University of London Oct 1970

o   DCH - Diploma in Child Health - (London) Sept 1972

o   MRCP (UK) - Member Royal College of Physicians - Jan 1977

o   MD (London University) – Doctorate in Medicine - Oct 1986

o   MSc Psychotherapy St George's Hospital London University - June 1989

o   MFCH (Member Faculty of Community Health) Sept 1989

o   Accredited Consultant Community Paediatrics 1987

o   FRCPCH Fellow Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health 1997

o   FRIPH Fellow Royal Institute Public Health 1997

o   FRCP - Fellow of Royal College of Physicians - 1998

o   FSAM - Fellow Society for Adolescent Medicine (USA) 1998

o MAE –Member Academy of Experts 2005 and‘checked expert’ (Sweet & Maxwell)


  Other Qualifications and Certificate

o   Psychotherapy

§  London University MSc Clinical Psychotherapy St George's Hospital Medical School. Trained 1986-1989

§  Transactional Analysis - 1979 - 1987.  Institute of Transactional Analysis

§  Psychodrama Training - Holwell Centre (Marcia Karp).

§  Experience in substance abuse treatment programmes including Hazeldon and AA models. TA Course Addiction and alcoholism – Institute of psychiatry  1985

o   Assessment and Paediatrics -

§ University of London/ National Association for Mental Health Certificate. Approved assessor mental handicap /ability including qualification in Stanford Binet scales, Schonell, Reynell language assessment Sept 1973

§ Child Audiology/assessment of Deaf child Braidwood audiology unit and St George's Hospital 1973

§ Ruth Griffiths child development scales 1976

§ Advanced Paediatric Course - Great Ormond Street - 1976

§ Assistant Police Surgeon - forensic examination child /adult sexual abuse - joint course 1986. Developed training programme for paediatricians and community doctors Lambeth / Southwark and multidisciplinary protocol and guidelines for Camberwell.

§ Member of Academy of Experts 2005   onwards.

o   Contraception and sexuality

§  Family Planning Basic certificate 1973

§  Family Planning advanced (IUCD) certificate 1974

§  Family planning Instructing Doctor's course 1978

o   Recently attended courses 2015 – CDC  Dengue; CDC Chronic Fatigue ; Gender Dysphoria (these in addition to regular CPD)